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Welcome to Halsall Racing
We’re passionate about racing, and we’re committed to creating a team like no other. A team, which re-defines racing.

Whilst we’ve arrived on the circuit with a bang, and we’ve quickly become a formidable presence, it’s certainly not by accident. Starting out, we knew that if we were to really compete, then we would need to assemble the best team that money, wisdom and knowledge could buy. So, now, we’ve cherry-picked the bike racing world for the most talented, experienced and dedicated riders, mechanics, engineers and support crew. And of course, we’ve invested in the very best bikes too.

Some might think we have insanely high standards, expectations and ambitions, but an uncompromising approach is what it takes to get riders winning.

All our team members are focussed on the their roles, dedicated to pushing boundaries and raising standards. And that goes for everyone from our photographers and grid girls to our crew drivers and hospitality staff. Along the way, we’ve raised our profile as well as some eyebrows, but our real focus is on improving the sport and on entertaining and rewarding you, our fan, with white knuckle riding and edge of the seat action.

We give it full throttle to get our riders on the podium spraying champagne jeroboams, and we realise none of it would happen without your support and loyalty.

Our team colours are super-vivid and gutsy, because we knew had to stand out from the crowded grid, so our fans could see our riders and bikes as they pushed through the field. And the colours and design had to shout out to the other teams and race fans alike, that we’re exciting, unstoppable, undaunted and out to win.

All the perspiration and inspiration has been paying dividends on the track too with good grid positions, fluid performances and real results.

But before you click on the dropdowns, please have a quick look at what our boss, Martin Halsall, had to say. We think you’ll find it quite inspiring; he loves the sport just like the rest of us.

The first thing I should make crystal clear is that bike racing is my absolute passion; I haven’t just set up a team on a whim for a hobby. I’m totally committed to it for the long haul. And if I’m investing my time, money and effort, then I can guarantee you I have no intention of letting Halsall Racing be just an amateurish also-ran.

Whilst I absolutely love bike racing, my team and I are here to show the other teams how things can and should be done. And to do that, we’re doing things differently and better. Of course, change always makes some people uncomfortable – usually the lucky few, who’re sitting pretty. But I’ve made it my own personal mission to improve things for the riders and for the whole sport. I hope you’ll be screaming for us from track-side and join us on the journey.

Next Race
Donnington Park GP
31 March - 02 April

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Rider Profile
Name: Tommy Bridewell
DOB: 04/08/1988
Born: Devizes, Wiltshire
Bike Number: 46

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Team News
  • 07-02-18
    HALSALL AND BRIDEWELL REUNITED FOR 2018 BSB CAMPAIGN Tommy Bridewell is returning to the Halsall Racing fold after inking a deal to contest the 2018 British Superbike Championship on Suzuki machinery.
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